Tea Leaves Told Her a Story

tea cupShe watched her husband wading through green bushes to the noisy street and disappearing into the crowd. ”Has he disappeared from my life forever,” she lamented.

When he came home, her mother rushed to kitchen, put the kettle on. Into the tea jug she spooned tealeaves and poured boiling water. The bleeding tealeaves from the jug told her a story; which she relayed to her mother, who dismissed it as foolish.

Now she says, ‘’you are a woman, you should know that sacrifice is another word for happiness.’’

This is my submission to 100 Words on Saturday
100 Words on Sunday

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4 thoughts on “Tea Leaves Told Her a Story

  1. Mothers are helpless themselves they are not to blame. They will pass on only what they know and what they have experienced.
    Thank you for visiting my blog posts and liking them. 🙂



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